Success Stories

We help to bring souls together to help them celebrate their happy matrimony made in heaven. wish you happy married life. We welcome you also to share saga of your joyous union with us and numerous others though us to urge them to emulate you in success. Carry on with your blessed married life and cheering others as more happiness awaits you.

Taranpreet Kohli & Navjot Kaur

Marriage is one of the beautiful things in the world. I realized this when I tied the knot with my dRead more

Rajiv Gill & Kritika Maan

Meeting with someone you love unconditionally matters a lot. This became true at NRIMB site. They arRead more

Shirish Ranjan & Maya Naithani

Today, I realize that one should wait till he finds his true life partner like it happened with me aRead more

Daljit Randhawa & Sukhbir Kaur

I can’t ask anything more from God as he has given me a true life partner. I find myself to be theRead more

Harshit Madan & Shilpa Desai

It looked quite difficult for me to meet with my loving soul mate. But after finding the right profiRead more

Shashi Grewal & Ajinder Dhillon

After finding my true loving partner, I hesitated to meet her initially. But the team of highly skilRead more