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Report Misuse


The Prevention of mistreatment of Client Protection Policy has been developed as a guide for use by NRI Marriage Bureau. The advice, information and procedures in here are given in good faith and are based on our understanding of current legalities. It is the responsibility of each organisation, or any other person to ensure that they comply with their statutory obligations and any interpretation or implementation of this information is at the sole discretion of the organisation or other party who may read this policy.


If any member finds or encounters any misuse of their data within must report instantly to the company so that frequent actions can be taken.

If any member found mistreating the private police also falls in this section too.

If any member encounters any unethical activity either by the staff or any member must report to call centre at 289 201 9730.

We will appreciate your concern and appropriate actions will be employed. Your concern is important to us for betterment of the services to community.