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A complete guide to your common concerns and queries which are helpful to know us better and gives the answers to your questions in detail.



Since how many years are you in this business?


Our team has over 15 years of experience in assisting prospective individuals.


What is the approximate amount of data that you hold?


We have over 100000 profiles of individuals that look forward to an ideal match for themselves.


What types of profiles do you have?


Our website holds profiles of mainly Hindu and Sikh candidates.


What is the assurance of confidentiality?


All the information provided by the candidates is kept highly confidential. The permission of the candidate is taken before any kind of disclosure. Upon recommendations, personal details are not revealed.


What is the registration procedure?


A simple online registration form is available. Once you fill in all the fields and complete the registration procedure, you are all set to start checking the profiles of other candidates.


Are profiles of divorcees available?


We support the profiles of candidates whose marital status is single, divorcee, widow or widowers (with or without children). Since life does not come with a certainty certification, we lend a helping hand to all types of individuals who seek a life partner for themselves.  


What is the validity of the membership?


The membership of NRI Marriage Bureau varies according to the membership plans. For more information go to http://www.nrimb.com/premium_member


What additional charges are there?


There are no additional charges. All the charges are mentioned in website. For more details go to http://www.nrimb.com/premium_member


How many potential matches will be sent to me?


The information of minimum six potential matches are sent through email. There is no upper limit. However, the requests are subject to the availability of profiles according to your preferences or special requirements.


Can I meet people around the area I live in?


Our team will make the best efforts to find ideal individuals around your area. We take into count a number of aspects, other than locality, before sending you profiles of potential matches. We mainly take into count your compatibility with a profile. If you insist on receiving profiles of individuals around your area, we will not guarantee the minimum number profiles of potential matches in 12 months.


Will my family be involved?


Our focus is always on the member of the organization. We strictly comply with the specifications given by the member. We understand the complications within a family. Hence, we will keep confidentiality not just from parents but also from children, if there are any. We will arrange a meeting with the family only if the member allows us to do so.


Is there any guarantee provided?


NRI Marriage Bureau does not give any guarantee of marriage. We only guarantee the services offered by us. Our team makes every effort to present to you the ideal matches. However, in the end, the decision is completely yours, whether you want to get married to a person or not. Hence, we do not guarantee marriage.


Is upgrading a membership possible?


Memberships can definitely be upgraded at any point of time. The member will be required to pay the difference but the period of membership will remain the same.


What happens if I am not satisfied with the services provided by NRI Marriage Bureau?


In any way, if you are not satisfied with the services provided by us, we will advise you to come to our office at the first instance. Our team would provide personal attention to your problem, discuss the issue and rectify it at the earliest. We will also make sure that there are no future complaints from your side.


Is the website secure?


Every measure has been adopted by the professionals of NRI Marriage Bureau to keep the information provided by you, as secure as possible. Reputed servers are used to ensure secrecy. For credit card transactions, the services of Secure Payment Company are used to decrease any leakage of information.


What procedure should be followed if I forget my password?


In case you forget your password to the online profile made by you, an email can be sent to info@nrimb.com for help. You can also visit the member section and reset your password by yourself.


Why are there different packages at NRI Marriage Bureau?


Since different people have different requirements, we offer varied packages. Certain people require profiles of only those individuals that are not just ideal for him or her but the family as well. In this case, we offer the Custom Package Membership where we make extra efforts to find the best match for the person. On the other hand, certain people require only the basic details of other profiles and like to discuss the other aspects on their own. In such a case, we offer the free membership package to the client.


What is the procedure of removal of data from NRI Marriage Bureau?


If you want to remove your details from our website, then you are just required to email us at info@nrimb.com in this respect. We will remove your profile from the website. However, we will keep your details on our record so that we are able to inform you about a strong profile that matches up to your expectations. After you send us a request for removal of data, your membership will continue until the expiry date. Once the membership is expired, we will not search for a match for you. And your chance for a renewal would be lost as well.

NRI Marriage Bureau is a highly reputed organization with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Our team makes every effort to answer all the questions and queries of our members with the best solutions. In case you have any other question in relation to our services, email us at info@nrimb.com instantly. Our team will be glad to serve you.


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