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If you wish to get married soon with your loving partner, then this is the right time to start looking for your ideal soul mate. Discussing Telugu marriages, you can find a number of TeluguMatrimony portals that allow you to search your life partner in your own community. This is the reason why you can see hundreds of users remain associated with these online wedding portals at any time.

If you like to go ahead with all this, then you just need to find the most compatible soul mate in your religion and culture. For example, you can't forget Telugu Jathakam for marriage that happens to be an integral part of a Telugu wedding. Please note that Telugu astrology predictions happen to be an ideal way to go ahead with each and every ritual as per their own custom and traditions. This post is about different colorful Telugu wedding rituals that you won't find in any other wedding.

Please take a look at different types of Telugu wedding rituals that look quite nice and different.


In Telugu weddings, Nischitartham is also known as engagement ceremony that is held before the marriage takes place. Here, the marriage date is actually fixed and then announced to all the near and dear ones. In this ritual, both the families of the bride and groom decide about the wedding to take place. It's accompanied by the exchange of lucrative gifts.


This ritual is also one of the famous that are held both in the house of a bride and the groom. The ceremony is accompanied by so many friends and family members that take part in the entire function. It's then followed by a holy bath and some other functions.


This is one of a kind ritual that generally takes place at the groom's place. The above ceremony takes place where the groom has to wear the holy thread made of silver. He has to do this after taking a holy bath. This also indicates that the groom is now ready for all the wedding-related vows.

Kashi Yatra

Well, Kashi Yatra is quite a well known Telugu wedding ritual where the groom just has to pretend first that he is not ready for the wedding. He wants to leave Kashi for the purpose of holy pilgrimage. Later, he is stopped by people including the bride's brother and father.

Mangal Sanan

This Telugu wedding ritual takes place just on the wedding day itself. Also, both the bride and the groom together have to take part in the forthcoming aarti.

Gauri and Ganesh Pooja

This is one of a kind ritual of a Telugu marriage. This ceremony is also held most commonly at the bride's house where she has to offer prayers to their goddess Gauri. Afterward, the bride has to seek blessings from God to bless her with a successful married life. On the other hand, the groom also has to go for Ganesh Puja only at the time of the mandap. This happens before the arrival of the bride. It mainly follows the tradition where it has to ward off all kinds of evil spirits.


In Jeerakalla-Bellamu, both the bride and the groom have to apply the paste of Jaggery and Jeera on each other's hands and legs. Well, this has to go under the curtains to mark it as the private ceremony. The above ceremony mainly signifies their unbreakable bonding. It's also one of a kind ritual in Telugu weddings.

Conclusion- If you are looking to find any of the Telugu bride or groom, you need to go ahead with leading Telugu matrimony portals.

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Like another Indian region wedding, Coorg wedding is also a fun-filled and colorful affair. It is the joyful moment with much feasting and dancing. It is the only time to meet with relatives, exchange news, gossip and looking a prospective match for eligible bachelors. The superior surprise thing for the visitor who belongs to other regions of India, there is no priest and other Hindu rituals during the wedding. They only offered a small prayer to ancestor at the sacred lamp and the elders of the family guided the wedding ceremony. It is the simplest wedding with the unusual rituals that make the Coorg Matrimony unique. These unusual rituals are:

Wedding Eve

Before the wedding day, the groom is dressed in a white long sleeve Kupya. It is a knee-length coat and waits is a tie with the gold and silk sash and the head is covered with the red silk scarf. The bride dressed in off white sari with the gold border in Coorg style.

The members of the bride and groom collected at the wedding venue. Women of the families help in cutting vegetables assist the cooks while preparing and men of the family help in setting the wedding venue. After this, the Groom is led to the best man to the sacred hanging lamp which is placed at the Murtha site.  There he offers a small prayer to his ancestors and the mother presents a chain of gold & coral beads. This chain is marking the man status as a groom. This is called an identical ritual. Along with this, four men beat the drums and sing wedding songs. After this, guests are assembled for a grand dinner and dance to the traditional music.

Wedding day

Early in the morning, the groom is led by his bojakaara for his ritual shave. Barbers apply the milk to the groom's face and shave his facial hair. After shaving the groom is led to a holy bath where his mother and two married women pour one pot of water each on him. After the holy bath, The Groom gets ready with the traditional dress.

Baale Birud

A row of nine banana plant stems is fixed vertically on the path which is lead to the wedding hall. A maternal uncle of the bride and groom cut the banana stems and led to the wedding venue.

When the groom is ready, the band starts playing until the groom is not reached at the wedding venue. The grooms' sister or cousin picks the basket which is full of puffed rice, bananas, coconuts and etc. The groom and his family reached the wedding venue and the bride’s father and relatives welcome all members and offered refreshments.

The Dampathi Murtha ceremony

The bride and groom are seated on a low stool. First of all the mother blessed children and the father followed the same. After that, both parents announced both individuals as a newlywed couple. After that, the seniors of the families blessed the Childs and showered with rice and feed them rice and milk. This is followed by all guests. This will take a few hours to complete.

Wedding feast & dancing

After complete the blessing ceremony, the guest is invited to the wedding food. Family Members help to serve the food to the guest. Generally, women are served first.

Ganga Puje

This ceremony is held in the groom’s house and followed in the evening. This ceremony symbolizes the bride is become a part of the groom’s family and helped in household works.

Then the bride removes all accessories from her feet and wears only a silver ring. It is a symbol of a married lady. After praying the sacred lamp, the bride gets a silver pot and moved to the well where she fist prays the well and sprinkle some rice and sugar and pour the water from the well. Then the bride withdraws the water and pours it into small silver pots. The two groom’s sister and the bride carry the silver pots on her heads and moved to wed venue. When the bride reached the wedding the venue with the holy water and kept under the sacred lamp.

Kombarek Kootuva

It is a wedding night where the bride sits with her veil. The groom enters the chamber and performs a small prayer to the sacred lamp and after that groom lift off the veil and offered her with gold wedding jewelry.

Final Thoughts: Coorg weddings are distinct from weddings in other Indian states. It is perhaps the only Hindu Coorg Mangala wedding ceremony where there is no puja, alcohol served and meat relished. Visit www.nrimb.com for NRI Coorg partner.      

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Are you going to attend a wedding very soon? But what are your plans to greet the couple with? Well, we guess, you need to have loads of happy married life wishes ready to greet the couple in any way. This happens to be the first thing that anyone would like to say for the wedding couple. At times, it becomes difficult to find some of the most refreshing and inspiring happy married life quotes.

But then you manage to have a few of them from here and there. However, you can't rely on them as heavily as they are written there for long. Don't you think they are now quite boring to use again and again? The reason why we are saying this is because these quotes or messages that we are talking about must be used a fresh.

In case, you do not have abundant of them, you need to look or find them on some of the dedicated web pages only. This way, you will be able to find hundreds of new and refreshing happy marriage life wishes or quotes that you are looking for.

There were times when most users had to struggle a lot so as to find the most refreshing happy married life messages to greet the newly wedding couple. But now, especially after the revolution of technology along with the widespread availability of the Internet, you can have abundant of them at any time and place.

There come so many issues as and when you try to create some of the lovely wishes for newly married couple. Do you think it is actually feasible at all times? Well, we do not think so. This is because you can't get some of the nice and great quotes in the form of messages or greetings at all times.

And therefore, you require some help in this regard. Finding hundreds of nice quotes in the form of happy married life wishes to couple is easy. But it is not easy to grab a few of them that enriched with greatness. And this is the reason you are always recommended to grab a few of them from any such dedicated web page that offers some great value to readers who are going to attend a wedding.

After you enter to the wedding reception, you need to recap all that you have gathered. This is the time when you must remember a few great lines in honor of the newlywed couple. Please know that a wedding happens to be only a one-time affair. Also, there are loads of expectations from both the families and relatives to make the future relationship successful.

This is the time when the wedding couple actually needs hundreds of great happy marriage life wishes to help them overcome any unlawful happenings. And this is where you need to grab some of them as soon as you grab the attention of the newly wedded couple.

Cutest Happy Married Life Messages and Wishes


Wish you a happy and great married life with all the happiness and joy in your future life. My best happy married life wishes on your wedding.

Happy Married Life Wishes

On your wedding day, I pray from God to offer you all the success for your future life. May you get all you wished for. All my best and happy marriage life wishes to the newlywed couple.

Happy Married Life Quotes

May Lord give you all the profound joy and a great connection to stay connected eternally forever! Congratulations on your marriage!

I pray from the almighty to enjoy your married life with all the wishes you have in your dreams. Accept my heartiest wishes for the newly married couple.

My great wedding wishes for the most unique and lovely couple I ever met. May you have a great loving partner with your love grow stronger over the years!

On this great and auspicious occasion that you are starting a new life together, I wish you all the best for your future wedding life.

I wish you on your wedding day. May all your wedding dreams come true that you might have dreamt in the past. Heartiest congratulations on your marriage.

We wish you better take care of your loving partner along with your wedding family. We pray from the almighty to bless you both a great and happy married life.

May the day of your wedding prove the best day in your entire life! May God bless the newly wedded couple!

On the day of your wedding, we expect that you are the perfect example to have this great relationship. Wishing you all the love and blessings to the newly married couple.

I whole heartedly wish you both to turn the meaning of your wedding day into an evergreen fairy tale that you will surely tell to your next generation. Many congratulations on your wedding.

Are you able to hear the ringing bells? Are you able to just feel the smell of love all around in the air? I want to wish you a happy married life on the occasion of your marriage.

Happy marriage life wishes from all of us to the wedding couple. May God bless you both and have a great and prospering relationship!

Accept our warmer happy married life wishes to couple on their wedding day. Hope you are blessed with everything that you wish for.

I hope that your married life to be just like the dance that is going to change your future life altogether. Heartiest congratulations on your wedding.

May your wedding life to be like the shining star that will always glow in the company of both the married couples. God bless you both on your wedding.

I pray from the almighty God that your wedding life to be full of joy and happiness. Please accept our heartiest congratulations on your marriage.

Many congratulations for completing your bachelor's life and entering into your married life. Hope you get all the happy memories of your wedding life.

Find all the love and all the very best wishes on your wedding day. We hope you get all the love and happiness ever in your married life forever.

My sincere blessings and love on your wedding day. I wish you happy married life wishes to couple on this very auspicious occasion.

May God shower all the blessings and help you both fulfill your marriage expectations for your entire lifetime. Our best wishes for newly married couple.

happy married life messages

There are times when you do not wish to go for all those scripted Wishes for Newly Married Couple that are available on the web.

But at the same time, you are in the desperate need of some of those aspiring messages or quotes that could help you share your emotions on the wedding day of the couple. Well, in any such situation, you would definitely like to grab a few happy married life wishes and quotes.

The wedding day is right around the corner and you just need to be prepared for this wonderful and memorable occasion. It includes a set of memorable gifts, a few greeting cards along with your warmest happy married life quotes and messages that you love to share.

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Today, the country is going through so many ups and downs in the entire matrimonial system. This is because you can see millions of young marriage seekers who are struggling hard to find their respective matrimonial matches. In the earlier days, most people had to only struggle using the traditional matrimonial system. In Devangamatrimony system, this is quite applicable like in other wedding systems. There are so many religions in the country that are flourishing well. Now, if you look at all those weddings, there are so many brides or grooms required. It's not easy to provide such a huge number of compatible matches to each and every marriage seeker.

But there is no need to be panic. Thanks to the online wedding system in the country that help hundreds of marriage seekers find their respective matches. In Devanga matrimony sites, this is quite possible as you can find as many Devanga brides and grooms as possible. All you need to do is to upload your most recent online matrimonial profile on their wedding portals. After you are able to do that, you can become one of their registered clients.

Now, please take a look at some of the ways to find the most compatible matches on Devanga matrimonial system:


If you are looking to find the most compatible matrimonial matches in Devanga weddings, you just need to find them using online wedding sites that have the capacity to find the most compatible matches across the globe. The very fact that they are highly professional matchmaking sites and help hundreds of young marriage seekers find their respective life partners. This is the reason why millions of users always associate with them at any point in time.

Trust Factor

Just like their highest level of professionalism, they are one of the highly trusted matchmaking sites. In the recent past, these online wedding sites have been able to gain the immense trust of their numerous clients all over the world. Today, if you are able to win the trust of your clients, you eventually win half of the battle. Also, it takes time to prove to you in the market. And for that, you need to be patient for the results.

Joining Process

If you are willing to join a leading online wedding site, you may do so using simple and easy to follow steps. All you need to do is to register yourself on their wedding portals. After you do that, you will be able to search your life partner.

Easy Registration

If you have decided to join a leading matchmaking site, all you need first is to register on their wedding portals. Well, this is quite a simple process that takes only a few minutes. After you are able to successfully register on the wedding portals, you can search your wedding partners within your own religion.

Safety and Security

Just like many other things, these online wedding sites also take care of the safety and security of their clients. Please know that this happens to be the most crucial thing that every client has to know. Safety and security happens to be the most crucial thing that you need to know before joining a leading matrimonial website.

Quick and Fast Service

Please note that online wedding sites work really fast. This is the reason why millions of customers have started trusting their services. In today's online matrimonial system, it has become really fast and quick for these wedding sites to suggest the most compatible matches for their numerous clients.


In Devanga weddings, it has become quite easy to find the most compatible matrimonial matches using online wedding system.

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When it comes to marriage, you often have to make the decision wisely as it is the turning point of your life. The most crucial thing is that you are able to find the right and compatible match for you. However, it is not going to happen overnight. Instead, you need to first find any of the leading matrimonial sites to help you find the right match for you.

Well, this happens to be the most crucial step towards finding your better half. Today, you can find so many quality online matrimonial sites that are widely available. Once you are able to do that, the next step will be to join any of those that suit you. But before you join, you need to register on their online wedding portals.

Please take a look at some of the top reasons why matrimonial site services are becoming so popular:

Organized Search System

The first and foremost thing that they help you search your own life partner in an organized way. Well, this is something incredible as you won't be able to find such a smooth process of finding your own compatible match within your own religion and community. This is the reason why you may find hundreds of users remain associated with them.

Compatible Life Partners

After you join any of the leading online matrimonial sites, you are inclined to find the best and the most compatible life partner for you. Well, this is quite a crucial thing as you need someone who understands you in every way and is able to match the qualities you are looking for. Now, when you join a matchmaking site, you obviously like to find the most compatible one. Today, most of these online wedding sites help you find your better half.

Presence of Serious Alliance Seekers

Once you join any of the leading online matchmaking sites, you instantly get access of hundreds of other matching profiles that are similar to you in one or the other ways. In that context, you get a chance to have access to them and get a better idea of how to find the right one for the purpose of the right matrimonial alliance. Thus, you get a fair chance to meet with other serious marriage seekers who are just like you and are looking for the most compatible bride or groom.

Working Process

At this point in time, it becomes quite crucial to let you know that most of the quality online matrimonial sites have access to a huge database that eventually help users find the most compatible brides or grooms. Please know that the database comprises millions of matrimonial profiles just like you. After you join any of the leading wedding sites, you also become one of their esteemed members.

Online Privileges

These days, matrimonial sites offer a number of online privileges that you won't be able to skip any longer. Some of these online privileges include online chatting system, User interface along with the presence of some high-quality software that enables a user to be able to find his compatible match within his own community and religion independently.

Safety & Security

The last but not the least thing that you need to know is the way they are known to provide a high-class security system. They have high-end software enabled on the online platform that makes them equipped with a stronger security system to take care of their client's data.


One of the best reasons why online matrimonial sites are becoming popular is due to their streamlined working process using high-end technology and the use of the high-speed Internet.

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Ever since industrialization has taken place in the country, it has given a new lease of hope for other industries to both grow and prosper at their optimum speeds. Today, there are hundreds of matrimonial websites that are emerged from nowhere to help millions of marriage seekers in the best possible ways. All that is required from your end is to first register on their online wedding portals and then upload your matrimonial profile. This is going to help you in finding the right bride or groom as per your expectations.

The wedding business in the country has been prospering well, especially in the last couple of years when the entire nation witnessed the sweep of technology along with the widespread availability of the Internet. In fact, this kind of revolution in technology has become the reason for married couples to lead a happy married life. Today, you do not have to struggle any longer in finding your compatible match in the presence of a lucrative system of online matrimony system. Using this system, you can find your respective bride or groom within a short span of time.

Now, please take a look at a few relevant tips to find your wedding life partner using online matrimonial websites:

Quick & Fast Matrimonial Service

Today, users are looking for such an online wedding system that could provide them really quick and fast matrimonial services. They are ready to spend huge money on these wedding sites but in return, they obviously want to get really quick and fast wedding services that could help them meet their wedding goals. In case, if they are unable to provide really fast matrimony services, then users will eventually opt-out of their services.


The second thing that users would like to have from their matchmaking service provider is the highest standards of professionalism. It simply means that they should serve them equally without getting biased with anyone. They should also be able to serve their clients at any time. If you are keen to get married very soon, you need to find a leading online matrimony site that can help you find the likeminded matches for you.

Trust Factor

The next thing that you can't neglect in finding the perfect life partner using leading matrimonial sites is the level of trust it has towards their clients. In general, most leading online matchmaking sites are able to build an immense trust towards their life partners. And this is why you might have noticed hundreds of users remain associated with them at any point in time.

Profile Picture

After you become one of the esteemed members of any online matchmaking site, you do not need to gauge a profile by just looking at the profile picture. It's because this can be misleading. The best practice will be to analyze each and everything before going to move ahead. There are so many fake users who attach a fake profile picture just to get the attention of other users.

Research Profiles

Before going to contact any profile that suits you, it is not advisable to start conversing directly. The best practice will be to research about that particular profile in every way possible. Only then, you need to start interacting with the concerned profile.

Give Your Time

The last thing that you need to take is to give your time in finding the right match for you. Well, this might look a little awkward but happens to be the right tactic. It's because nothing happens overnight. And thus, you should think to give some time.

ConclusionToday, it has become very easy to find the right matrimonial match for you by using leading online matrimonial websites.

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Everyone in this world wants to settle in his life. But for that, he needs a life partner. Today, the time has changed and you do not need to struggle in your life in finding the right matrimonial match for you. In order to find the most compatible match for you, you may like to use a marriage bureau that can help you find the one within a restricted time frame. The importance of online marriage bureau is that it can work for you in the best possible ways.

Today, you can find your life partner using any leading online marriage site. With the help of the latest technology along with the availability of the Internet, you can get access to your dream wedding life partner within a certain time frame. In case, you wish to marry with someone living offshore, you can still find the one using NRI matrimony sites as it happens to be the most professional way to find your dream wedding life partner. In fact, they are loaded with a number of salient features that are ideal to help you find your dream wedding life partner. In this post, we would like to help you with a few reasons why a marriage bureau is the best way to find your dream life partner.

Now, please take a look how good are online marriage bureau to searching your life partner.

Free Registration Process

The first and the foremost reason how online marriage bureau helps users search their life partners is their free registration process. Well, this is something a great asset that eventually help users in joining online wedding portals. Free registration process helps anyone who is willing to join a leading online wedding site. At the same time, it helps boost morale.

Quick and Refined Search Process

The reason why most users are willing to join matrimonial sites is due to the fact that they offer quick and refined search process. In the matrimonial search system, this is quite a crucial thing that eventually helps users meet with their desired soul mates within a speculated time frame.

Safe Platform for Partner Search

Today, hundreds of users join matrimonial websites to find their respective soul mates. This is specifically done in various ways. In other words, they are also known as the safe platform for their partner search. It's mainly because you do not need to share your details to anyone at the time of finding your life partner. Instead, you also may like to use the process of on online chat process to ascertain the right match for you.

Endless Choices

When you join a leading online matrimonial site, you start getting endless choices to find your soul mate. One thing that you need to note down is the fact that they are equipped with huge data base loaded with millions of profiles. In other words, you tend to get endless choices to find your soul mates after joining any of the leading online matrimonial sites.


In the same ways, online marriage bureau help anyone who is looking to find his matrimonial match. The most fascinating thing about online marriage bureau is that anyone can join them due to their easy affordability. Most of the online matrimonial sites offer various free and economical membership plans that they can afford without undergoing any sort of trouble. Therefore, you can purchase any of them as per your affordability. At the same time, you can also quit anytime as well.

Conclusion– In order to find the most compatible matches for the purpose of a quick matrimonial alliance; you must hire a leading marriage bureau.

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Before we update you with some of the reasons for the growing importance of online matrimonial websites, we would like to help you with their impact in the minds of people all across the globe. As you see, there was a time when most users had no option but to struggle hard in finding the most relevant and compatible matrimonial match; they had to wait for a longer period of time to find the same. In spite of this, they had to continue their search of finding the best matrimonial matches at any cost,

After industrialization along with the widespread availability of the Internet, a number of new options emerged on to the surface. For example, those living in Canada had to rely upon the leading NRI matrimonial sites. In the same way, anyone who is living at any location is free to search for his life partner at any location across the globe. This is a great value that these online matrimonial sites serve to their clients.

Now, please take a look at some of the reasons why these online wedding sites are mostly preferred by marriage seekers:

Highly Professional Service

As soon as you join a leading matchmaking service provider, you instantly realize that they are equipped with a highly professional team of experts who know how to suggest the right life partner for someone who is eagerly looking to find the right wedding partner for him. In short, all leading online wedding portals are equipped with high professional services that you may rely upon.

Trust Factor

Beyond any doubt, most leading online wedding portals are the highly trusted matrimonial service providers on the planet. This is the reason millions of users like to be associated with them at any given point of time. In the last few decades, they have been providing unmatched quality wedding services to millions of users worldwide.  And this is how they have gained the trust of millions of users.

Streamlined User Interface

For the sake of the benefit of hundreds of users, most leading online matrimonial sites have created a streamlined user interface that helps them search for their right matrimonial match without any hindrance. This is the reason why they are almost dependent on these wedding portals as they are loaded with almost everything that a user expects.

Filter Options

Just like the above qualities, most leading online matrimonial services are loaded with filter options that users can make use of them in the best possible manner. In this way, they are able to search only for the relevant profiles and can filter the odd ones out. The result is that they are left with some most compatible matches as per their desire and expectations.

Save Time

There is no doubt when we say that most online wedding portals work very fast. They work in a highly professional manner and therefore save a lot of your time as well. Today, users do not have much time to wait for anything they want. In such circumstances, these wedding portals work best for you as they suggest quality matches within a certain time frame only.


Apart from all the other qualities in an online wedding service provider, they are loaded with so many online membership plans that you can avail without undergoing through any kind of hassles. This is the reason why you can witness so many clients associated with them at any point of time. It's also because of the fact that they have gained immense trust within the last few decades.


If you are looking for the right matrimonial match for you, then you need to hire the leading online matrimonial websites.

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Are you struggling to find the most suitable life partner for you? If yes, then you do not need to worry a bit as you can take the help of a marriage bureau. This is because it helps you find the most relevant and compatible wedding life partner that you are looking for. Gone are the days when most users had to simply remain dependent on their traditional matchmaking system in finding their love life. But now, the time has entirely changed. They do not need to rely on any such system that has been discarded by the masses. Today, you can simply rely on various online wedding sites to help you find the right match.

Marriage is a bond of a lifetime where you do not need to compromise your life at all. Instead, you need to live a happy married life with all the compassion and trust towards your life partner. This is the reason why users like to marry only with their compatible life partners who have the same feelings and desire like them. In this post, we would like to help you with the use of marriage bureau to help you maintain a happy marital relationship.

Now, please take a look at some of the ways to maintain a happy married life using a leading online marriage bureau:

Huge Database

A marriage bureau actually works in the presence of a huge data base. This is a huge reservoir where you can find millions of matrimonial profiles that are waiting to find their respective wedding life partners within a certain time span. These days, most leading online wedding sites work using their self hosted databases loaded with hundreds of likeminded profiles that you are looking for.

Online Benefits

These days when you have the presence of so many matrimonial portals, most of them want to give their clients a better user experience. This is the reason why they have introduced the system of offering them with some sort of online privileges that includes online chatting, wedding consultation, etc. happen to be the ideal way to interact with your future wedding life partner within sometime.

Immense Trust

In the recent time, the value of a marriage bureau in find a compatible life partner has gone manifold. This is due to the kind of trust it has gained in the last few decades. This is the reason why you might have noted the presence of millions of marriage seekers want to opt their wedding services. Also, they do not want to go for any other matrimonial services as well. It's simply due to their trust on their matrimonial services.

Team of Online Wedding Experts

These days, you find most leading online marriage bureaus are equipped with a dedicated team of online wedding experts who know how to handle a particular wedding case. They are the best people on the planet who are capable of handling any kind of wedding related issues. The best part about them is that you can approach to them anytime. Most couples who experience wedding issues come back to them to find the right solution for them.

Best Alternative to Traditional Matchmaking System

The presence of online marriage bureau serves you with the best of their professionalism. In fact, they are the best matrimonial system as compared to the traditional matchmaking system that has come up to the surface with loads of drawbacks. Today, no one likes to go for the traditional matchmaking system as they are loaded with hundreds of issues.


Today, a marriage bureau helps you find your most compatible soul mates in the most ideal ways.

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There was a time when traditional matrimony system was leading all the way. It was the only point of contact for millions of marriage seekers. But it lacked in certain aspects, especially for those who preferred NRI matrimony services. Since traditional wedding services only had limited resources, it could not provide the basic services to serve their clients who wished to marry with those who are living offshore. The system also lacked in many other ways as well.  For example, traditional matchmaking system worked only in the limited geographical region and also could not sustain the huge requests from millions of marriage seekers at the same point of time.

This is where most users started having problems with the old and traditional matchmaking system as it lacked in many ways. At the same time, it could not serve in the best interests of its clients. This was the time when everyone witnessed online matrimonial sites that started ruling the entire matchmaking system ever since they entered into the online wedding space. After clients came to know about the existence of online matrimony system, loads of them started opting out from their traditional matchmaking system.

Now, please take a look at some of the reasons why do most NRI prefer Indian brides for wedding:

Cultural Inclination

An NRI guy marrying an Indian bride brings a cultural inclination in such a way that he gets a chance to live with his family. Since the bride is an Indian, she knows the value of a family as per the Indian customs and rituals. This is the reason why India is also known as the hub of arranged marriages where the cultural values and traditions are conserved in every way. So, marrying an Indian bride who represents almost the same culture actually brings a lot of value.

Return Back to the Country

There are many cases where most NRIs tend to marry with Indian brides just for the sake of returning to India. It doesn't mean that they have no interest in extending the family with an Indian girl. Here, they see the double advantage in marrying with an Indian girl. This is because they somehow feel that they might return to Indian at some point of time. And so, it is better to marry with an Indian girl to fulfil their desire in the future.

Need for Stable Family

Well, there is yet another valid reason why most NRIs like to marry with an Indian girl. It's just because they are in search for a stable family. And for that, there is nothing better than marrying with an Indian girl as an Indian girl already knows the values and traditions of the country. Along with that, she is also aware of the importance of a family and its values. Keeping all this is the mind, most NRIs prefer to marry with Indian brides just to have a stable family.

Male Dominance

It can also be due to the male superiority. Well, you might have seen about the make dominance in the society where male member always overpowers his female counterpart. You might have seen this trend in your own family where your father might have taken care of the entire expenses, going to the office. On the other hand, you mother might have been the home maker. You father taking all the decisions of your house. In short, male is always found superior to a woman in most respects. This is just another reason that most NRIs want to get married with Indian brides only.


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