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Online Marriage Bureau: Role of Horoscope Matching in Matrimonial Sites

Before we discuss the role of online marriage bureau in horoscope matching, let’s first discuss or analyze how leading matrimonial sites are responsible to create a mind boggling atmosphere to help marriage seekers find their respective soul mates. In the complex lives, it sometimes becomes hard to find the most compatible soul mates for individuals who wish to seek their life partners. In such a situation, it is better to hire a leading online marriage site to better find the right prospect for those who wish to get married as soon as possible. Today, online marriage bureau helps you in lot many ways. One of the most crucial ways is to perform the horoscope matching between the respective bride and the groom.

Therefore, the role of horoscope matching in matrimonial sites has been phenomenal ever since the online wedding system has come into the existence. This can be evident by looking at millions of marriage seekers who like to remain associated with such leading wedding sites to grab their ideal life partner within a period of the limited time frame. Please note that horoscope matching happens to be a crucial process or ritual without which the wedding does not proceed. This is the reason why horoscope matching takes place every time a wedding has to be performed. In this post, we are going to update you with the relevance of horoscope matching done by leading online matrimonial sites.

Please take a look at some reasons why it is beneficial to undergo the process of horoscope matching before the wedding takes place:

Relationship Quotient

One of the very big reasons why the horoscope matching between the bride and the groom is performed is due to the fact that it is mainly done to safeguard the future relationship of the wedding couples. Please note that both the bride and the groom have to match as many as eight gunas (qualities) to become the perfect future couple. This means both the wedding couples are having the same interests and other things that are found crucial in maintaining the smooth married life.

Family Adjustment

Please note that a wedding is not just the bonding between the bride and the groom. It’s way more than that. For example, a successful wedding happens to be the ideal bonding between all the relatives and the family values between different people and relatives. This is the reason why a wedding involves so many relations prospering at the same time. So, in order to have a successful wedding there needs to have the matching of the horoscope of both the bride and the groom.

Financial Symmetry

Another factor that involves in matching the horoscopes of the bride and the groom happens to be the financial symmetry where it is taken into account of their future financial health. This is what it gets ascertained after the matching of the horoscopes of both the bride and the groom. The biggest benefit of doing this is to find out the ill aspects of their relations so that the wedding couple could lead a happy married life.

Marriage Compatibility

Another reason how a leading online marriage bureau helps in matching horoscopes between the bride and the groom is by estimating the marriage compatibility in their future lives. Well, this is quite important as there needs to be a high level of understanding between the wedding couple. Also, there should not be a little room of confusion in their married life. And this is what it is performed by an online marriage bureau.

Conclusion -Today, online marriage bureau takes care of all your wedding-related issues including the matching of horoscopes.

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Ever since the prevalence of matrimonial sites increased, it has given new hopes to hundreds of marriage seekers across the country. This is due to their immense trust on them to find the right wedding partner for them within a certain time frame. Today, there are several reasons why millions of users like to register on these online wedding sites.

One of the reasons is that they take quite less time in finding the perfect life partner. Not only that, but these wedding sites are also known to offer so many privileges online that eventually help them find and meet with their dream wedding life partner.

If you are also looking forward to finding the right matrimonial profile, then you first need to register on their portals. After you do that successfully, you need to upload your recent matrimonial profile on their marriage portal. Now, after you are able to accomplish all the above procedures successfully, you become one of their esteemed members who can take part in their search process.

In order to be successful on these huge wedding portals, you need to create a detailed and professional matrimonial profile that you have to upload on their portals. This is the most crucial thing as it will be the basis to find the right bride/groom for the purpose of the most compatible matrimonial alliance.

Now, take a look at some of the ways to write a matrimonial profile for a boy or girl to find the perfect life partner:

Self Description/Introduction

Before writing your matrimonial profile for the purpose of finding the right alliance, you need to introduce yourself. In order to do that, you may start with a short introduction or start telling others about you precisely. You can make the entire thing look interesting by describing some interesting things about you. This will obviously help others know you better. You may also hire someone to accomplish the task

Beliefs/Outlook of Life

In the next step, you may like to explain about your beliefs. At the same time, you may also like to discuss some more interesting things about life and what you think about life. At the same time, you may also like to discuss a few more details that reflect your personality. But do not be so lengthy. Try to be short and crisp.

Life Goals

You can make your matrimonial profile by explaining about your life goals. This will eventually help others know about you in better ways. You can discuss so many things about your take for life and what your expectations are.


After this, you may like to discuss about your education. At the same time, you may also like to give details about your expectations about the kind of partner you are looking for.

Career Goals

Further, you would like to include the section of your career goals that describes how you like to grow in your professional life. This is the time when you may include your expectations from the life partner you are looking for.

Family Values and Details

The next step will be to give details about your family. Here, you do not need to go into every single minute detail. Other than that, you may also like to include your views about family values and all.

Extending Your Family

It will be great to include what you think about having children after you get married. This is the time when you may include your views about extending your family and other related things.


In order to get success on leading matrimonial sites, you need to create an awesome matrimonial profile.


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Are you looking for the right bride/groom as per the Devanga Matrimony system? If yes, then there are loads of options to find the perfect life partner. All you need is to select the best and leading online matrimonial site for the same. Ever since most online marriage portals existed in the country, they have given immense hope for them in finding the most compatible soul mates for them.

These days, users have huge expectations as they not only like to find the most compatible life partner but also some other online privileges as well. And this is the reason why most users feel satisfied using leading wedding sites.

However, if you look in the past, millions of users were based on their old and traditional matchmaking system that could not provide anything good for them. Instead, they had to charge so heavily against a few matrimonial services.

You might be willing to know how it is possible. Well, we must tell you that most of their services at earlier times were restricted in a particular geographic location. And due to this, most of their clients had to face inconveniences. For example, those who wanted to marry with someone living offshore were unable to find his dream life partner as their services tend to work only in a particular location. This is a major downfall of the system that resulted in hundreds of their clients to opt out from their services.

Please take a look at some of the reasons why Devanga matrimony websites are the best for marriage seekers:

Registration Process/Joining

The first hurdle that comes forth in the lives of most marriage seekers is about joining leading wedding portals. The problem grows even bigger when these marriage portals ask for money in lieu of joining. But most online marriage sites do not ask for anything at the time of registration. In fact, the entire registration process is quite simple.

Quick Matrimonial Services

These days, most matrimonial websites are being able to provide top class services to their clients worldwide. If you consider matrimonial services, then there is no exception. It means that these matrimony websites are the best players that are known to provide an exceptional service to millions of their clients worldwide. So, users have all the privileges once they enroll for these wedding sites to find their most compatible Devanga brides/grooms.

Security of Client’s Data

In addition to providing the best online matrimonial services to millions of their clients, most matrimonial service providers also take care of the security of their client’s data using their highest professionalism. And this is one of their success mantra, especially if you take a note of it in the past few decades.

In fact, data security has been a major concern for millions of users worldwide. Most users are now satisfied using online matrimonial services for too long. At this time, they already know the high standard of their professionalism.

Online Privileges

In case, you have make up your mind to get married with most compatible Devanga matrimony bride or groom, then there is more good news for you. This is in the form of having loads of online privileges that can be in the form of online chats or any other way. The basic idea is that they want to offer as many privileges to their clients so as to make them confident about searching their own life partners as per their religion and custom.

** Conclusion **

If you are looking to find the most compatible Devanga matrimony life partner, you need to join a leading online matrimony website.

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Indian Marriage Bureau in USA to Find the Most Compatible Bride & Grooms

Everyone likes to get settled in their lives sooner or later. There are people who like to get married as soon as they attain their respective marriageable ages. Out of hundreds of marriage seekers worldwide, there are many who like to get married through the best NRI matrimonial site. This is because they somehow, want to get married with an NRI girl or boy.

Now, this is something quite relevant in today’s perspective as it is very much possible as compared to the earlier times when you had to struggle a lot in finding the right NRI bride/groom for the purpose of having the most compatible matrimonial alliance.

This is the reason why you see the emergence of top wedding portal serving them as per their requirements. Now, please take a look at some of the qualities of NRI matrimonial sites that help you find your NRI dream wedding partner without undergoing any sort of hassles:

Most Compatible Matches

If you are looking for the most compatible NRI bride or groom, then you have to take the help from leading marriage bureau canada in this regard. This is due to the fact that they are quite specialized in providing their unmatched matrimonial services as per their client’s needs and requirements. Today, millions of marriage seekers like to marry with NRI guy or girl. And today, they can take this decision in the presence of so many matchmaking sites that help them find and meet with their respective life partners.

Finding Your Life Partner

Even if you like to marry with an NRI life partner, you do not need to take tension as soon as you hire any of the leading matchmaking portals that usually take care of each and every of your needs. Once you find and register with them, you are free to become a part in their searching process. In fact, you can search the most compatible one as per your needs and requirements.

Great Online Wedding Platform

As soon as you hire a leading online matrimonial portal that gives you with the most reliable matches within a certain period of time, you need to maintain your trust on them. This is because it takes time in finding the right matrimonial life partner for you. Now, when it comes to finding the best NRI wedding partner, you need to maintain your patience and continue exploring more in this direction. In fact, they give a mind blowing and easy to navigate platform that you may use to find the best life partner for you within a certain time frame.

Time Factor

You can’t underestimate the value of time in finding and meeting with the most preferred NRI life partner for you. This is because these wedding portals help you meet with the best and compatible life partners within a certain time frame. Gone are the days when you had to wait for an endless period of time to finding the most perfect life partner for you. But now, time has changed and it takes far less time.

Online Privileges

After you join any of the leading online wedding sites to find the most compatible NRI life partner for you, you often start getting so many online privileges that help you in a number of ways. These wedding portal help you find and meet with your respective life partners within a certain time frame. Along with that, you also get so many privileges that eventually help you find your wedding life partner with an ease.


You need to hire the best NRI matrimonial site to find your most compatible NRI life partners.

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Reason why arranged marriages have become the ultimate choice of Indians

You might have come across 7 vows of Hindu marriage earlier in your life. It’s quite a common ritual practiced in most Hindu wedding rituals. In fact, you can come across such things happening, especially at the time of attending marriages or otherwise. In spite of the fact that you might have come across to such wedding rituals, you still would be unknown about these rituals. Today, we are going to help you with the significance of these Hindu marriage rituals that happen to be a crucial part of a Hindu wedding.

If you are one of those who are looking to marry with any of the compatible soul mates, then you need to find leading Hindu marriage sites. This is because these wedding portals have become a significant part of our culture where you can think of getting married successfully. You can have as many other privileges as per your needs. Seven vows of Hindu marriage are also known as seven pheras that we will enlist one by one.

In this post, we are going to enlist some of the basic significance of seven vows of Hindu marriage that are quite necessary to maintain a great marital relationship without undergoing any sort of hurdles.

First Phera

In the first phera of Hindu marriage, the wedding couple has to start their extended prayers to seek the blessings from God. In this vow, they pray from God to give them strength to respect each other in every kind of situation. At the same time, they also pray from God to provide healthy food in both good and bad times.

Second Phera

In the 2nd phera, both the bride and groom plead from God to bless them with spiritual strength, mental stability and physical health. In fact, all of them are quite necessary to build a healthy relationship.

Third Phera

In the wedding vow, both the bride and groom pray from God to bless them with all the wisdom, prosperity and peace together in their married life. This is because all the above things are quite necessary to maintain a balance in their wedding lives. They are quite necessary as soon as both of them get married.

Fourth Phera

In the 4th phera, the wedding couple seek blessing from God to provide them all the respect and love towards each other. This is quite a crucial thing that is necessary to maintain a great marital relationship. And this is the reason why the wedding couple prays from God and seek their blessings in this regard.

Fifth Phera

This is equally significant as all the above where the wedding couple seek the blessings from God to give them enough strength to be with each other in every kind of situation. In this phera, they pray from God to give them enough courage to sustain their lives in each other’s company in the presence of all the respect and love towards each other.

Sixth Phera

In the sixth phera, the wedding couple prays from God and seek a healthy and prosperous life to both of them. This is also an important vow just like others where the wedding couple seek the blessings from God to provide them all the health and prosperity into their lives by keeping them healthy and strong.

Seventh Phera

In the final phera, the wedding couple prays all for the togetherness, loyalty and companionship in the presence of each other. Not only this, they even ask for enough maturity and patience as well.

Conclusion- All the seven vows of Hindu marriage are crucial to maintaining a great bonding between wedding couples.

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Choose Marriage Bureau to Get Compatible Matches

We would like to update you with some of the overwhelming benefits of an online matrimonial sites that continues to help millions of marriage seekers across the globe. Please know that ever since the online Marriage Bureau sites started evolving in the country, hundreds of individuals who were looking to find their respective matches got a sigh of relief. There are so many reasons for that. One of the biggest reasons was that most marriage seekers were already getting issues.

In a nutshell, they could not provide the true value for their money as they lacked in their matrimony services and almost failed to bring the true value of their money. But today, if you look around, you may find so many wedding portals that are ready to help you find and meet with your most compatible life partner within a minimal time frame.

This is the reason why most users still like to use them in finding their most compatible soul mates. For example, if anyone likes to get married with someone living offshore, he or she can take the help of an NRI Matrimonial Site. However, this was not possible in the earlier time when most users didn’t have more options for them. After these marriage sites continued to perform in the exceptional ways, they managed to satisfy their clients in almost every way.

Now, please take a look at some of the reasons why a marriage bureau is the best to get compatible matches:

Easy Access

Please know that you instantly start getting the access of these wedding portals as soon as you are registered with them successfully. In fact, this is what most users like to have. In order to be successful on any of these wedding portals, you need to follow all the instructions carefully.

Lucrative Search Options

As soon as you become the esteemed member of any of the leading matrimony websites, you become a part of their widespread search option where you can also take part in finding the right life partner for you. For the sake of the simplicity for their users, they have made it absolutely easy to help their clients find the most reliable and compatible matrimonial alliances for them. If in doubt, you can always take the help of their online team of experts.

Online Team of Wedding Experts

Once you join a leading matrimonial websites to find the most compatible life partner for you, you will soon realize that they are equipped with a team of their dedicated and highly professional team of online wedding experts. They are highly professional people who know how to handle each and every single matrimony case with the best of their knowledge and belief.

User Interface

Another good reason to choose any best matrimonial websites is the fact that that they provide the highly professional user interface so that millions of users are able to find their respective life partners as per their own religion and community. The system itself guides them find the most appropriate matches for them within a certain time frame. This is the reason why you can find millions of users are constantly associated with these wedding bureaus that take care of every small matrimonial needs of their clients. In fact, the entire system enable them find their respective matches on their own without asking anything from anyone.


Once you hire them for seeking the most compatible life partner, you will find how professional they are in providing their matchmaking services.


Today, you can hire a leading online marriage bureau to find the most compatible matches for you.

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Why Indian Arranged Marriages are so successful?

There are lots of factors that come together to make a marriage successful today. In making a marriage successful, you can’t neglect the importance of marriage bureau online. There was a time when you had to undergo loads of hard work to find the best soul mate for the purpose of a quick and reliable matrimonial alliance. But now, there are so many easy and quick ways that you may implement to find your desired life partner.

We are living in such a digital era where almost everything has become so easy and comfortable. Today, all you need is an Indian bride and groom to refer them to the right wedding portal where they can get married successfully.

Indian marriages precisely work on the concept of arranged marriages. However, if you look at the other side of it, there are different kinds of marriages that are accomplished elsewhere involving love marriages. They also fall into the category of dating and all. This post is all about the reasons why most Indian marriages are successful.

Please take a look at some of the reasons why Indian marriages have become so successful in the recent past:

Arranged Marriage Concept

As you know, India has a rich culture of arranged marriages where both Indian Bride and Groom come together and tie their nuptial knot in a wonderful fashion. They get married in their own religion and custom, especially in the presence of so many holy chants and rituals altogether.

Merging of Two Families

In the arranged marriages concept that has been flourishing well in the country, since the beginning involves the togetherness of both the families of bride and groom in a sporting way.

Here, both families know each other in one or many ways:

Expectation Level

In an arranged marriage, you have the minimum expectation level from your spouse and his respective family. And so, both life partners have enough time to look into things and sort out any issues.

Better Choices

If you are going ahead for an arranged marriage, then you always have so many choices for you that are available at all times without any interruption. Today, you have almost everything well in place in that you can manage by sitting in the comfort of your home. For example, you can directly visit any Indian Matrimonial sites and can find the best bride/groom for you as per your expectations.

Social Compatibility

Apart from so many reasons that we enlisted above to prove our point that arranged marriages are better and successful, social responsibility is just another good reason as well. When you tie your nuptial knot, it means that you are not just married to your partner but with his entire family. And this is somewhat crucial in an arranged marriage that you won’t find in any other marriage. From the very beginning, you see the existence of two families that you need to take care of. However, you won’t find this feasible enough in love marriage.

The Courtship Period

Before you take a decision to go ahead with your selected bride or groom, there are hundreds of times that you and your family members review their decision to go ahead with the selected match. And this is what is called as the courtship period where you have ample time to decide about your future life partner.

Not only this, but your family members also get enough time to scrutinize their decision before going ahead for the marriage. In most cases, the final decision is taken collectively.

Conclusion- Today, Indian bride and groom have all the privilege to decide their future wedding partner in their own ways.

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Today, Indian matrimonial sites have attained a great position in the entire matchmaking industry. There was a time when most users had to struggle hard to find the appropriate matches. But today, they do not have to undergo any such hassles by Matrimonial sites. If you look at the overall matrimonial business online, it has been flourishing well for the last few decades and is expected to continue with more pace.

In the same ways, most Indian arrange marriages are going settled successfully with the help of online wedding sites that provide their unmatched support in every way they can. This is the reason why you see millions of users have maintained their trust in these online wedding sites that are busy doing great business across the globe.

These days, users already know what is going to be the best for them. In that sense, they are ready to pay anything for the quality services they get. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the cute moments between an Indian bride and her dad that you should also know before exploring more on Indian marriages.

Emotional Journey

From the beginning till the time of marriage, a father has to play all the roles in all these different stages of the life of his daughter. In fact, all these life stages happen to be the crucial parts of his life. There come so many emotional moments during the life of a father when he has to take care of his daughter. But the most emotional moment in the life of a father comes at the time of his daughter’s marriage. Although the moment is full of joy and excitement, it is also a great teaser for him. This is because he gets separated from his daughter after marriage.

Finding the Right Match

It’s quite a natural phenomenon to see how most Indian fathers become so emotional, especially at the time of the marriage of their daughters. At the same time, he is also responsible for finding the right match for her through a traditional matchmaking system, but now they also prefer online Indian matrimonial sites to find a prospective groom. It’s generally seen that a father mostly ignores even to get separated from his daughter. Well, this is just the case of overprotection to their daughters. In other words, a father is far more protective of his daughter as compared to any other person on this planet.

Opting the Right Guy

Most of the time, it is seen that a father tries to make every single effort to find the right match for his daughter. This is because giving away his daughter to someone else is not an easy thing for him. But he has to do it for the sake of her life. And when the occasion comes forth, he tries every way possible to find the right match for his daughter.

Wedding Preparations

At the time of wedding preparations, there is so much work to do. You might have seen a huge gathering at the time of marriage preparations. In fact, there are so many guests who come to the wedding. As time passes, the rate of emotions goes high. As far as the father of a bride is concerned, he is the most emotional person in the entire wedding.

Giving Away the Daughter’s Hand

This is the moment when a father has to place his daughter’s hand to his future son-in-law. As it seems, this is the most emotional moment of the entire wedding. This is one of the most emotional phases during a wedding ceremony.

Conclusion- There are loads of beautiful moments that come across between a father and his daughter in the concept of Indian arrange marriages.

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Like any other wedding, Tamil wedding is also known for its tradition and culture. If you compare Tamil matrimony with any other matrimonial system, you will be able to find lots of differences. Please know that the country has a rich culture of arranged marriages as per the different religions and customs. Out of several arranged weddings in the country that are being done, Tamil Weddings Rituals are of unique taste. Even if you didn't attend any such wedding in the past, there is no need to worry. But before going for any such wedding, you should at least know about a few things that will help you to get the maximum out of it.

In this post, we are going to update you with the importance and relevance of Telugu Jathakam for Marriage. In a Telugu marriage, it is quite essential to get the marriage successful by following all the traditions and culture given in the religion. And this is the reason why such marriages happen as per their own culture and rituals. You might be interested to know that out of a number of rituals in a typical Telugu marriage, Telugu Jathakam happens to be an integral part of their weddings.

You may find so many Telugu brides and grooms on a leading Telugu matchmaking portal. In the same ways, these weddings take the help of astrology, especially in matching the compatibility of two given matrimonial profiles.

Now, please take a look at some fundamentals for checking while horoscope matching for a wedding in Tamil:

First House

This is one of the great aspects of checking the basic fundamentals for horoscope in Tamil weddings. The first house represents the health, physical appearance, character, strength, and weaknesses of both the bride and groom. These are a basic and common factor for marriage which is analysis by the priest before matchmaking

Fifth House

Well, the fifth house largely signifies to the children and happens to be another great factor in a Tamil wedding. This capability of this house to have children, progeny possibilities, conception, miscarriage, relationship with your children, and their health is all governed. Now, if it gets connected by Jupiter, then the bride would definitely have children.

Seventh House

This is going to be related to the spouse as it specifically deals with your life partner. In most arranged marriages, you can see the different cultures and rituals are celebrated from time to time. And while specifying this at the time of a Tamil or Telugu Matrimony, you can find its relevance towards committed relationships. And so, this house should be well occupied by good planets. or at least be aspect by Venus or Jupiter.

Ninth House

Like other houses, this house signifies of being lucky and religious which is equally a great aspect in a Tamil wedding. It also defines your relationship with brother and sister in law.


This is quite crucial that signifies that bride or groom's Rasi should not fall either 6th or 8th from his partner's Rasi which is specifically known as Shasta-ashtakam. As per the rituals, the bad effects are quite reduced if the Lords of both houses happen to be the same.

Sapthakam or Sama Sapthama

In case, the bride and groom's rasi is found between 1-7 axes, then it is regarded as the 7th house from different rasi. And this signifies to be a happy and prosperous marriage. And this is the reason why everything is scrutinized before heading towards the final proceedings of the marriage.

Sixth House

Well, this is also a significant house that specifically denotes the overall health of both the bride and groom. At the same time, it also denotes other legal or court issues.

Conclusion- Telugu Jathakam for Marriage signifies following various traditions and rituals in accomplishing a Tamil wedding.

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Today, you can find hundreds of matrimony websites that have all come to the surface to help you find the most compatible bride or groom. However, the kind of facility that users have today get on best matrimonial sites was totally unexpected in the past. This is mainly due to several reasons. And one of the strongest reasons happens to be the existence of improved technology along with the widespread availability of the Internet.

This is the reason why most users not only are able to thrive but also manage to find the most relevant match as per their expectations. In short, you can say that the online matrimonial system has been growing very fast with the help of all the latest technology along with the continued support of connectivity.

Talking specifically to the bhandarimarriage, you can find the most relevant matchmaking portal in this regard. Please note that you can find any of the matchmaking portals as per your interest and desire. After confirming everything, you need to go ahead and hire the same.

In this post, we would like to help you with some of the ways to choose your best matrimonial site for the purpose of a swift matrimonial alliance.

Trust Factor

In case, you need to select the best matchmaking site for the purpose of a swift matrimonial alliance, then you need to act wisely. This is because there are so many ways to find the most productive or leading matchmaking site. But you need to check the one that has better trust with its clients.

Registration Procedure

These days, you may find hundreds of online matchmaking sites that have an easy and up to date registration procedure. This actually enables hundreds of users to find the best matrimonial services as soon as they hire them. And for that, you will find that most leading matrimony portals have free registration.

Matchmaking Services

Other than that, you will always enjoy the matrimonial services that they offer to each and every one of their clients. In order to gain the trust of their millions of clients, they continue to serve then with the best of their services including loads of online privileges at the time of selecting their ideal match. And this is how they are able to gain the huge trust of billions of their clients within no time.

Data Security

You need to select only those online matchmaking sites that reciprocate clear policy regarding the safety and security of the data of their clients. It’s quite a crucial factor connected with the identity of millions of their clients. This is the reason why it also becomes one of the most crucial factors at the time of selecting a leading matchmaking site for the purpose of a swift matrimonial alliance.

Online Benefits

You might have heard about various kinds of online benefits or privileges of matrimonial sites that provide to their esteemed clients. These days, it has become common to find the various online privileges that you tend to get, especially at the time of searching your most preferred life partners on any of the leading and best matrimonial sites.

Client’s Feedback

Before hiring the leading and best matrimonial sites, you can’t afford to skip the feedback of its clients. In other words, this happens to be a great factor to determine the quality of a matchmaking portal. So, before taking a decision in this regard, you need to go through the different aspects of their client’s feedback as well.


In order to select any of the best matrimonial sites for a perfect matrimonial alliance, you need to consider loads of factors.

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